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Leading science journalists provide a weekly one-minute commentary on the latest developments in the science of brain and behavior. For a full-length, weekly podcast you can subscribe to Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American. To view all our archived podcasts please visit: www.scientificamerican.com/podcast


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Title: Even Monkeys Believe In Hot Streaks

Even Monkeys Believe In Hot Streaks

August 12th, 2014

Monkeys trained to play fixed video games made moves indicating that they expected certain patterns to occur. Erika Beras reports   Go to Episode

Childhood Stress Decreases Size of Brain Regions

August 16th, 2014

Children who experience neglect, abuse and/or poverty can have smaller amygdalas and hippocampuses, brain regions involved in emotion and memory, compared… Go to Episode

People Think Experiences Bring Happiness, Still Opt for Things

August 24th, 2014

Survey subjects rated life experiences as making them happier and as a better use of money than buying objects. But they actually spent their cash on… Go to Episode

Talking to Strangers Makes You Happy

August 30th, 2014

People who had to strike up conversations on a subway later reported feeling happier than those who didn’t. Christie Nicholson reports. Go to Episode