Delayed Effect


This is where it all begins. My journey, my excursion, my next chapter in life. Delayed Effect is a Podcast I, Packie (from the 8-Bit Packiecast and Down the Bunny Hole), decided to start that brings to you a chronicling of my latest and greatest endeavor that could potentially change my life as I know it. Tune in to week to week to get the skinny on where I came from and where I plan to go. If you find it to your liking, come back again and keep an earshot ready for what I have in store.

At the very least, you'll get a laugh. RSS Feed URL

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Chapter 16 - Revelations and Excursions

In this episode, Packie talks about:

  • Focusing passions
  • Setting aside affairs of the heart
  • Driving to meet new friends
  • 2nd day of class
  • The effect of past relationships