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Don't Listen To This Show!

Don't Listen To This Show!


Category: News & Politics

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Don't Listen To This Show! A bi-weekly production that goes up for listening every other Sunday morning! This is a revolutionary-minded and resistance-oriented production dedicated to waking up the sheeple of America. The truth will set you free, but first it'll piss you off! WARNING: This program contains MATURE language and content. Listener discretion is advised. Listening to this program may spontaneously awaken a sheeple while listening. If you value your personal blinders, don't listen to this show! Follow me on Twitter @DLTTSPodcast for news and updates to the program Visit my blog at for teasers before the shows post Donate to keep this program free forever, just the way I want it to be! I accept Bitcoin at 15xzKMSVjC6azwdDyFAyreXwvN7k71fa5i please consider it!

Tags: Podcast, Freedom, Resist, Resistance, Revolt, Revolution, Ron, Paul, Gun, Guns, Gun Control, NDAA, Barack, Obama, NWO, New World Order, Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Constitution, Wake Up, Awake, Sheeple, Sheep, Blinders, philosophy, spirituality, spiritual

Don't Listen To This Show! Episodes

A New Direction, and Adventures of a Super Psychic!

Published: 01/19/13

In this episode of DLTTS!, I explain the show's new-ish direction. The end result goal is the same, which is to wake up the Sheeple, but the process is going…

Patriotic Expatriation Authorized to Bend You Over Act

Published: 01/05/13

Welcome to the second installment of Don't Listen To This Show! Podcast. Special guest this time is Travis Wilson @PatriotPapers. Topics include the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and the brand…

Obama, NDAA and Guns OH MY!

Published: 12/26/12

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages (not really, this program is intended for MATURE audiences only!) to the debut podcast of DON'T LISTEN TO THIS SHOW!DLTTS! is a politically-minded program…

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