Who Do You Think You Are?


Here you can listen to our weekly show as the husband and wife team Byron and Susan Dyess take on some of the most controversial cultured topics and navigate you through the shark-infested waters so that you can reach your destination unscathed.

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Who Do You Think You Are? navigateright Episode

Episode 26 – Is That Krispy Kreme or Crystal Meth?

This week’s episode we talked about avoiding the cops by hiding in a In and Out Burger drive through line. Are those junk yard dogs just not doing the job? why not upgrade to a junk yard Bull? This Spaniard is not taking any chances on anyone breaking into his place again, he recruited 2 fighting bulls to watch over his place. Next time you want to eat your Krispy Kreme donuts in the car you might want to think again those delicious little flakes are now the prime suspect by law enforcement to be Crystal Meth. (until tested at the crime lab of course). We finished up the show once again reminding you of God’s Chaos Candidate, and the Cyrus anointing on Donald Trump from Isaiah 45.