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The National Dream Center with Chris McCleary (Explore Your Spirit with Kala Talk Show)


The National Dream Center(TM) integrates waking reality with the unpredictable nature of dreams. They work with the assumption that humanitys fanatically-unpredictable, nighttime dreams can actually show us a reliable glimpse of the future. What is humanity creating? What is our destinyand will we like it when we get there? The National Dream Center(TM) analyzes thousands of collective dreams using mathematical algorithms and linguistics protocols. Their operation was showcased during their latest global initiative called Project August. In addition to these paradigm-changing projects, the NDC also provides weekly DreamForecasts, where they present and commentate on the various trends happening in the global, nighttime dreamscape (otherwise known as the collective unconscious). Visitors can sign up to receive free emails and updates from the worlds only DreamForecaster about what our future holds!