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We're excited to launch our podcast on all things geek and nerd. On the Guardians of the Geek, we go in depth with all of your favorite comic books, heroes, and their movie/television counterparts. We attempt to answer some of the most debated questions among comic book fans today . . . Is Tony Stark the Bruce Wayne of the Marvel Universe? Is Batman an actual super hero? Why are people taking our sub-culture? Find out the answers to these other questions and more. And find out what Cameron Miller is reading and what he recommends for both new and old fans. We are the guardians of all things geek! RSS Feed URL

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Episode 1 - We Love Comics and Cameron Hates Gotham

Welcome to the 1st ever episode of Guardians of the Geek! We're excited to launch our podcast on all things Geek and Nerd. The guys kick it off by talking about some recent geek news: DC's reinvestment into the cosmic with Green Lantern (Earth One), the brilliant David Tennant returning to the equally brilliant Jessica Jones, and the importance of new voices in Sony's upcoming Silver and Black! For Off the Page, they're super stoked about The Defenders series coming to Netflix and they discuss the merits of the Marvel Netflix Universe. In the Top 5, Cam reacts to Brandon's super hero tv shows. And be sure to listen to the end for Cam's recommended #cameronreadscomics. Thanks for joining us on our journey throughout the mulitverses! See you next time, same Geek time, same geek network.

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