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Horror Stories

Horror Stories

Horror Stories As Told Through

Category: Kids & Family

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Horror Stories goes into the world of the unknown through classic movies, serials, old time radio shows, and early TV. Freddy Krueger or maybe Michael Myers, Shelley's Frankenstein or Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Can you stand the strong feeling caused by something frightful or shocking; shuddering fear and disgust; terror and repugnance. Then welcome to Horror Stories.

Tags: horror, supernatural, demons, terror, frightful, fearful, panic, zombie, devil, dracula, vampire

Horror Stories Episodes

What Was It

Published: 07/29/12

80/06/28 2 What Was It 1 Free Audiobook

Walk On The Water

Published: 07/25/12

80/07/12  Episode 4 Walk on the Wate 1 Free Audiobook

The Family

Published: 07/22/12

80/07/05 Episode 3 The Family 1 Free Audiobook

The Dream Woman

Published: 07/18/12

80/07/19 Episode 5 The Dream Woman 1 Free Audiobook

Little Girl Lost

Published: 07/15/12

80/06/21 Episode 1 Little Girl Lost 1 Free Audiobook

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