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Dr. Lybrand is a father of five who has been married to Jody for over 31 years. Together they homeschooled all of the kids from birth-to-college. As a polymath, Dr. Lybrand has the diverse combination of formally studying law, speech communication, systems thinking, linguistics, writing, theology, marketing, structural dynamics, leadership/management, and human personality.

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The Shortest Course on Logic (Ever?)

The aim of this vLog is to share the most essential aspects of logic. Basically, it comes down to "If..then", "Does it Follow?", and "Bad premise..."

These are the important things to keep in mind and practice to be rational in the world. It isn't everything, but it is plenty (for homeschoolers, adults, liberals, and conservatives). Visit for weekly vlog and please share at Facebook and Twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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