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Inside Sports, the winner of the "Best Online Sports Series 2016" by is now available in podcast format. Charles Smith Jr. keeps you up to date all things sports, starting with Football Talk with Chris Lardieri and ending with Talkin' Hockey. Only on Inside Sports can you get interviews straight from the players from an experienced sports journalist who has been in the industry for over twenty years! RSS Feed URL

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Episode 9 - Big Super Bowl Rematch

Bad clock management and questionable play-calling continue to plague the NFL. Adrian Peterson has a huge debut in AZ. Will Zeke play in Big D? Who wins the big Super Bowl rematch this weekend? All this, plus the latest NFL news and expert fantasy football advice from Charles Smith and Chris Lardieri. And please, if you're a fan of our Gambler's Delight segment, check it out exclusively on Humannequin Media's official Patreon page, where for just a dollar a month, you can get access to every piece of exclusive content we make (which includes Gambler's Delight). Please rate and review us on iTunes and Apple podcasts.