Legal Aid Matters


For more than 50 years, LAF has been providing the leading provider of free legal services in non-criminal matters to the poorest and most vulnerable people across Chicago, ensuring them the protections they deserve in the legal system. Legal Aid Matters is a platform for the experts at LAF to to talk about the issues affecting the communities we support.

Hosted by Nubia Willman
Created for LAF Chicago
Produced by Davis Sullivan
Edited by Davis Sullivan
Music by Podington Bear
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Legal Aid Matters navigateright Episode

Domestic violence awareness month with Caitlin Cervenka

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, Caitlin Cervenka of LAF's Children and Families Practice Group joins Nubia in conversation for this episode. They discuss the strategies Caitlin and her colleagues employ to advocate for survivors of violence in child custody and divorce proceedings, how low-income survivors experience violence differently than others, and, as always why legal aid matters to them.

If you listened to the credits and you're looking for a link to purchase tickets for LAF's annual Autumn Affair, here it is!