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Masturbation Instructions

Masturbation Instructions

Guided Masturbation Instructions

Category: Health

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Jerking & Masturbation Instructions & Encouragement.

Tags: masturbation, taylormadeclips, jerkoff, sex, fetish, porn, clips

Masturbation Instructions Episodes

Girlfriends Sexy Wig Tease (Sample Clip)

Published: 07/21/13

  Girlfriends Sexy Wig Tease Kimberly and Zoe are trying to figure out which wigs you will like best on them. They comb each others hair and try on a…

Masturbation Instruction with Monica Mayhem Pt. 1 of 2

Published: 07/16/13

  Masturbation Instruction with Monica mayhem Monica teases you with her perfect tits and pussy and tells you exactly how to jack your cock. She counts you down to cum.…

5 Minute Humiliation Masturbation Instruction (Sample Clip)

Published: 07/12/13

  5 Minute Humiliation Masturbation Instruction All humiliation quick masturbation instruction for you men who are quick to cum with smaller than average size cocks. caroline teases you with her…

Vanessa’s Teasing Cock Control Game Pt. 1 of 3

Published: 07/05/13

  Vanessa’s Teasing Cock Control Game Vanessa tells you what she wants you to do with your cock. If you can’t follow her instructions and cum exactly when she wants…

You Are A Loser With A Small Cock MI

Published: 07/01/13

  You Are A Loser With A Small Cock MI (4 Girl with CE Instruction) All Humiliation SPH with a masturbation instruction and countdown to cum. More Small Penis Humiliation…

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