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Two sisters from two walks of life - one from Hollywood, one from Suburbia - come together to discuss life, love, and pubic hair. RSS Feed URL

Mouse and Weens navigateright Episode

E14 Deep Thoughts

Get to know our seriouser side, even though thats not a word. Weens commutes
home through LA while Mouse deals with mom guilt and effing up her kids. We
wonder if our life paths were set as kids - baby Weens as a creative writer and
baby Mouse as a caretaker. We hit the hot, hot topics of weather, traffic, and
road raging in teeny vehicles, then delve into Southern California wildfires
and a little more self-analysis, just to lighten things up. What do you do when
friends and family show their political colors? Weens talks about seeing life
through an actors eyes, a writers eyes, or from a give-no-effs perspective.
We discuss friendships ending over Facebook fights, and when to be right or
when to be kind. And we end on the light, light subject of what is the purpose
of life. (Song credits: "Song for the Psycho" by Weens) Enjoy our deep thoughts and please reach out with yours too! We' love
to hear from you at
[email protected]