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E23 Mouse Does CoolSculpting, Yanni Visits Weens

This one is a favorite! Were back with some life updates and
mustache talk. Weens describes her new gig on the set of the LA tv show
The Rookie and her Fishbone concert, and Mouse talks about her family
vacation in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Warning: if youre squeamish about
pool attack iguanas or ticks, skip this part. Mouse gets CoolSculpting
done on her belly and gets into her feelings on body image, curves, self
care, diet and exercise. Hear the whole description of how this fat
tummy blasting works and visit our Facebook Group Mouse and Weens to see
the behind the scenes stomach at the medical spa. Write in with your
self care thoughts! Yanni pops up to add to our conversation about car
washes, massage, saxophone vs pan flute, and Kenny G. And the sisters
reminisce about roller skating, the 80s, boys with feathered hair,
Steve Perry, white jeans, Ralph Macchio, Bruce Willis, and Mouses
celebrity sighting of the hot Karate Kid villain William Zabka in the
eighties. Dont miss this episode. It will tickle your upper upper lip!

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