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E24 Platonic Friends, Good Cop Bad Cop, Ball Questions, and Bachata

-There is a heat wave and it hit 116 degrees in Burbank and thunderstorms hit arid San Diego. Is global warming really a hoax?

-Weens tells a story of her lost cat out in the Joshua Tree desert and moms Lawrence of Arabia search with her friend Blake.

-We discuss whether or not men and women can truly be platonic friends. Weens says yes, once any relationship or flirting is out of the system, which backs up Mouses hypothesis that the scales of attraction are always tipped one way or another at some point. What do you think?

-We then get into inside joke talk and you will hear about All Red and Popcorn Balls - what makes an inside joke funny. Then an inside joke happens in real time! There is a record album cover that is watching Weens as she records this episode and it cracks us up. So please go to our social media to see this "Waiter, There's A Fly In My Soup" guy!

-Speaking of balls, we have many ball questions. How do they sit? For a visual, Mouse suggests the first episode of the Sarah Silverman show "I Love You, America", complete with nudists and full frontal, breaking down the barriers of our hangup with bodies.  Do guys adjust balls or penis? Which filmmaker explained to Weens and a famous puppeteer what bat wings are?

-Naturally, testicle Q and A transitions into parenting and who between Mouse and her husband is the rule enforcer during the long summer. One is the good cop, and one is the bad cop.

-We talk about the Mr. Rogers documentary movie "Won't You Be My Neighbor?". Weens gives her review, talks about the rare scene she witnessed in the movie theater, and we get into the lessons learned.

-Lastly, Weens interviews her childhood friend Jennifer who is visiting her in LA. Jen gets onto the subject of her favorite latin dance from the Dominican Republic, the Bachata, and we learn what it means with its moves, lyrics, and style, even “hearing” it danced!

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