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Pop Culture Cosmos navigateright Episode

PCC Multiverse #24

On this week' s episode, Josh Pederson and Gerald Glassford weigh in with their thoughts on the weekend battle at the box office as Spider-Man Homecoming and War for the Planet of the Apes get set to do battle. We also talk the latest Emmy nominations and who got their just due and who should be singing the blues. And can Gran Turismo reach the heights of its former video game glory and give Forza a race for its money? All this plus more clips from the great podcasts at Humannequin Media, a clip from the latest Tiny Titan stream and another hit song from Hyperschmitt. As a BONUS we're adding on a full segment from the Topicocalypse podcast from Humannequin Media just for listening. It's another huge bag of podcasting kittens we have for you today as we reach our next stop...the PCC Multiverse!