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From the minds that brought you Rob McCallum Films, Mario Party Wars, Wine, Women and Words, Gamercast w/ Rob, Jay and Glenn, Game Source and Retro City Games it's our look at all things Pop Culture. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Television, Film, Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Video Games, Technology, Collectibles, Board/Card Games and all things Pop Culture as we collect and share the hottest news and opinions from around the world of Pop Culture!

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Pop Culture Cosmos navigateright Episode

Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #67

It's almost time for the Last Jedi and we speculate on how much success this latest installment of the Star Wars saga can achieve. Josh and Gerald are also talking the future of Playstation after the fallout from Playstation Experience. Director Rob McCallum shares his thoughts on the Cosmic Crossfire about Netflix's aspirations and how close are we to an actual head transplant? All this plus a song from Hyperschmitt and Diana Tierney and Michele Leivas share Holiday gift ideas for book lovers and more and as a BONUS we add the latest Super BS Gamescast talking Origins, Animators and Elder Scrolls just for listening...