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Join host Gregory Berg for Radio Enso, Tools and Inspiration for Conscious Living, on BlogTalkRadio every Monday at 6 p.m. Pacific (9 Eastern). I aim to discover what makes other creative types, seekers, and non-conformists tick. In this podcast, we’ll discuss a wide variety of topics including Alternative Career and Lifestyle Options, Travel, Metaphysics and Spirituality, New Media and Technology, Frontier Science, and Optimal Living. Each week, I'll feature a special guest who will share their story, discuss the challenges that each of us face, and offer their own "Takeaway" that listeners can use on their own journey towards Conscious Living. Listen live or download archived shows here at BlogTalkRadio, via the iTunes Podcast Store or at

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Radio Enso Episode #24 w/Dan & Audrey from Uncornered Market - Jan 10,2012

Join me Monday, January 9th at 6 p.m. PST. My guests will be Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, creators of the fantastic travel blog and community Uncornered Market, who will discuss their recent trip to Iran! About Uncornered Market: You might find us on a grimy, overnight chicken bus in rural India one day and sharing the story with an ambassador the next. We have been described as adventurers, adaptable professionals, and – most recently – as full-time travelers. Our passions: creativity, personal development, technology, public diplomacy and street food. And yes, we do believe there is a common thread woven between them all. In December 2006, we left our secure jobs and comfortable lifestyle in Prague, Czech Republic for a creative sabbatical: traveling the world, taking photographs and sharing stories about people from all walks of life. Uncornered Market – our blog, photo gallery, videos, andaudiocasts – is where we share our experiences. We aim to humanize the places we visit, drawing our readers in through photographs and stories, so they connect with people and places they might otherwise never hear about or actively disregard. For more about Uncornered Market, visit

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