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The Rediscover the 80s Podcast features several unique shows celebrating '80s pop culture. Original episodes use a format similar to VH1's "I Love The 80s" TV show with a panel commenting on several topics from music, movies, TV, fads, and much more. Also listen to specialty shows including "Memories" episodes on specific franchises, the Memory Jogger Podcast chronicling the lives of two lifelong friends, and Rank 'Em counting down '80s favorites. Proud member of the Throwback Network. RSS Feed URL

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Memory Jogger Podcast Episode 8: Early Driving & Cars

Episode 8 of Memory Jogger is all about our early memories of driving, fantasy cars, and the first cars we owned. We also talk about how we got interested in cars, practicing on the lawn tractor, and mishaps. We begin the podcast as usual with some listener feedback and also a few icebreaker headlines. We invite your jogged memories and comments at the show notes on or tweet to @RD80s. Watch our recording session hangout on the RD80s YouTube channel.