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Get the latest medical advice to help teens look and feel their best from Doctor Robin Miller. Nature's Cure, an acne treatment company, presents STR8 UP, Health Talk for Teens. Each show strives to deliver candid, expert information to help adolescents make healthy decisions as they go through puberty. Topics focus on issues affecting the physical and emotional well-being of today's youth, including tattoos and piercings, mononucleosis, sports safety, exercise, skin care, nutrition and diet trends, personal hygiene, and dealing with stress.

STR8 UP - Health Talk For Teens navigateright Episode

Sports Drinks and Supplements for Teen Athletes: To Choose or Not to Choose?

It's easy to be tempted by the claims promised by the many sports supplements and energy drinks available on the market. But, will these tonics actually help or hurt a teen athlete? Dr. Robin Miller discusses the best way to prepare your body to perform at its peek.

* Nutritional needs of a teen athlete

* How to maintain proper hydration

* Potential dangers of sports supplements, bars, and drinks