Stretching English


Sometimes, there's a show that changes the whole way we think about Podcasting, so amazing that it affects your life in some extraordinary ways and maybe, just maybe, gives you that good feeling deep down inside...this is probably not that show, but it tries it's darndest to keep you entertained. Stretching English lives up to it's name really, two larger than life Englishman (and guests from they're backwater of a community) talking about life and expanding they're egos for all of the interweb. When we say talking about "Life", we actually mean films, games, music, sports, celebrity gossip and everything entertaining! You want a bad rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle" played on the Accordion, a swearing contest while slaughtering Noobs on COD or a Ghost Pepper eating contest? We got you covered, brothers and sisters. Hosted by your friendly neighborhood God of Geek, "Big Al" Errey, and the British Darth Vader, Bugsy Malone, we ask you to lock up your Ginger daughters and prepare your faceholes because the English are coming...and it might be a bit silly. Stretching English- "We aim to entertain your Brain!"

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