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Episode 32 - The Neutrality of the Innerwebs, Games As A Service, and Friggin Flamingos

The gang returns! First order of business is something not political at all, Net Neutrality. 

When the group discusses games, ma lady (ma)Donna explains how the Emblems of Fire kept her warm at night, while the questing in Tamriel makes ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) something to behold. Instructor Josh "Jorsh Jankerson" the Second, regales us on how he just barely beat Super Mario Odyssey (sub 200 moons). Less than 500 moons, I mean, Come On! The Professor Brian "Brank" Broderson talks that sweet, sweet Mario Odyssey (875 moons, of course), and teaches the team about the history of Egypt with Assassin's Creed: Origins. Davey "BankStank" brings up WoW, AGAIN! I mean, this entire show is based on people only bringing up brand new games each and every week. Well, at least Dave has a new game (released 2016, so brand new) to talk about with Forza Horizon 3, a game with a story so deep, that he argues it should be nominated for an Academy Award, his words not mine.

Stank brings us up to speed on all them stocks. In the news we cover: the shuttering of Gazillion and the immediate end of Marvel Heroes; Destiny 2 and how changes have infuriated fans; Colin Moriarty's opinions on the ever controversial Star Wars Battlefront 2; Epic suing a 14-year-old cheater; and we end with talking about all those great games we've bought during this shopping season. Regarding Black Friday purchases, Dave reveals a surprise, that changes the way we all see the world, and has made me re-dedicate my life to Cthulhu.

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