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Episode 33 - Origins and Animators, and Elder Scrolls, Oh My . . .

The brosefs (and brosette?) have returned ready to wage war on the endless tide of video games which we call the year 2017.

The bank himself, Davey "StankBank" McMuffin, explains that for some dumb reason he is still playing WoW (should be called MeH). The professor, Brian "Brank Broderson" Wegener II, talks a little bit about Xenoblade Chronicles 2, how much he loves it, and how deftly it handles sexuality and honoring its female characters. An instructor, at Devry, Josh "Jank Jankerson" Palderson, talks about one game and one game only, Assassin's Creed: Origins. A game which he, a lowly level 12, has barely begun to play, while the great (and honorable) Brank is already level 23, which is at least 11 levels higher (if not more) than 12. A guest of great esteem, the mighty Ashlander shares her recent faves, such as: Super Mario Odyssey, first time ever that we've mentioned it on Super bs; Cuphead, a game that we at Super BS have written a great many sonnet about; Hue, a color-blending platformer, which Brank has already beaten and can assure you, it's worth your time; and she has also been playing AC:O (Assassin's Creed: Origins), she is level 31, which yes, it is 8 levels higher than Brank's character, he humbles himself before her and begs her to share her wisdom regarding her journeys around ancient Egypt. The Dr. Donna, reminds us that AC:O isn't the first game that had a protagonist exploring tombs, as he regales us with his stories of Rise of The Tomb Raider. Davey, Brank, and Donna then talk about the mysteries of Elder Scrolls Online, and discuss what it's like being a Nord, Argonian, and whatever the heck Dave is. Special regular Git Git (née Vit Vit) Mesquite, talks about his love of Switch; he chats about the exploration in Breath of the Wild, and how much he loves Golf Story, I mean this dude is smitten by that game. If I can be honest for a quick sec, he's not really smitten with Golf Story, but maybe he is, you'll have to listen to find out. He then talks about Ponchos (?) a PC game, that he really likes. Jalee (née Git Git) then quizzes us on the top selling console manufacturers and asks us to put them in order, there's a clear winner/tie-r, but you'll have to listen (twice) to find out.

The Bank takes us down to the stock corner for a wild ride. I won't reveal much, but you could say, it's not a great week for Mr. Wall Street himself. We talk about EA and how they've just been nailing it this year, and we talk about just how much they've been nailing it with, you've probably already guessed it, talking about Star Wars Battlefront 2. Act-Blizz has also done the rounds recently with Destiny 2, and the group chimes in on how XP isn't free. After finishing up the sweet stocks, and believe you me, they are sweet, the group takes a trip to the News. They talk about the big news item of the week, MEGA... wait for it... MAN. Two big Mega Man announcements and oh so much more.

Finally we check in with our guest who may have a little to do with animation. It's a cool insight that's definitely worth hearing. Thanks again for listening, and if you are reading these notes, putting up with episode notes. You can contact us at and find us on social medias (such as: instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.), if you like the show please feel free to rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks again and we look forward to sharing our Game of the Year with you soon. Super BS out!