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The Inclusive Class Podcast is for families and schools who are interested in learning about the inclusion of children with special needs in the general education classroom. Include all!

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ROUNDTABLE EVENT: When Schools Say 'NO' to Inclusion - Oct 26,2012

The Inclusive Class Podcast proudly presents this special roundtable event! This 60 minute program features 7 highly esteemed guests who are experts on the topic of inclusive education. Facilitated by parent advocate, Lauri Hunt, you can listen to panel members, Tom Mihail, Paula Kluth, Frances Stetson, Kathleen McClaskey, Mary Ulrich, Lisa Jo Rudy and Torrie Dunlap discuss ways in which parents can respond to schools when they say NO to inclusion. You wont want to miss this opportunity to listen to The Inclusive Class Podcast on Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 9 AM EST! For more information, go to

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