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Episode 5: Create in Harmony

Welcome to the Path to SEAPonyCon where we keep you in the loop about what's happening behind the scenes of Southeast Asia's most anticipated brony convention!
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In this episode:

The Malaysian government has announced an increase in airport taxes for almost all flights, domestic and international starting 1 January 2017. Even if you’re not travelling from or through Malaysia, it’s a great time to book your flight to Bangkok now! Rates dropped to as low as 70 USD over the past few weeks and the ballpark is at an all-time low. Keep your options open and don’t just look for flights on our Savings Charts. There may be some on a cheaper limited-time sale!

Just like PHPonyCon, we will be presenting a session at The Friendship Express this weekend as well! Our panel, titled Hello Kuala Lumpur is happening at 4PM on the 20 November 2016. Admission to The Friendship Express is required. The convention is happening at Makespace in the Quill City Mall on Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Admission is RM7 per head.
We will also be selling plushies at the convention and all proceeds go towards funding Project SEAPonyCon!

Have a question, don’t forget that the hashtag to use is #AskSEAPonyCon. We will respond to them in video responses if or when we have enough questions. If not, look ot for short responses like the one in this episode.