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Learn the value of being a business or career driven individual while also staying connected spiritually. Spirituality never means religious or good person, but it offers peace, healing, identity, and better habits to become a strong emotional being. My show will relate these three top values and how it relates to our place in society (especially the mainstream culture). Listeners will gain advice, tips, and lots of life hacks to embark on a more successful journey.


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Catalyst of Change - Eric G Reid Interview

Eric G. Reid has been a life coach and business coach for 8+ years. He is a DISC / Human Behavior certified coach and trainer, a member of the John Maxwell team and have been certified as a leadership coach as part of the John C. Maxwell organization. He is also NPL certified and a member of International Coach Federation (ICF). "Over the years what I has learned is whether a client and himself are focusing on a single targeted goal or more of a general need, like getting your vision into an actionable plan, my focus as the coach is always client centered with the goal developing your natural strength and talents to empower you to live a life of success." - Eric G. Reid