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Learn the value of being a business or career driven individual while also staying connected spiritually. Spirituality never means religious or good person, but it offers peace, healing, identity, and better habits to become a strong emotional being. My show will relate these three top values and how it relates to our place in society (especially the mainstream culture). Listeners will gain advice, tips, and lots of life hacks to embark on a more successful journey.


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Everyday Tarot with Brigit Esselmont Interview

According to Brigit Esselmont, author of Everyday Tarot, the cards don’t foretell your future, but can connect your daily life with your purpose. The book helps you unlock your inner wisdom and manage your future. But it’s a practical guide, filled with actionable tips, activities to help you access your intuition and establish your goals and dreams in your everyday life. Use the Tarot to achieve dreams and set goals, create love-fueled relationships, make important decisions, and bring pleasure into your life through everyday rituals. Join the lovely Aussie Brigit Esselmont to talk about: When it comes to Tarot, why fortune-telling is out, and intuition is in – especially if you want to create your best future and reach your goals. The quickest and easiest way to read Tarot and access your intuition Why the Tarot cards will never tell you what you should do – only you can decide this How to use your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance from the Tarot cards to make informed decisions about your life How to bring intention and purpose into your work and career