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Learn the value of being a business or career driven individual while also staying connected spiritually. Spirituality never means religious or good person, but it offers peace, healing, identity, and better habits to become a strong emotional being. My show will relate these three top values and how it relates to our place in society (especially the mainstream culture). Listeners will gain advice, tips, and lots of life hacks to embark on a more successful journey.


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The Storm Warrior Christine Perakis Interview

With terrifying headlines like that, is it any wonder that your audience could be suffering from “Post-Category 5” Syndrome? It’s the catastrophe after the catastrophe that most people don’t realize they need to prepare for! Hurricanes, floods, fires, tsunamis, and other destructive weather outcomes – we’ve been literally inundated during this particularly tough season, and there could still be more to come! Christine Perakis, Esq., The STORM WARRIOR, and she's your go-to expert about surviving and thriving in this tumultuous hurricane season. She spent her adult life as a professional rescuer, business growth expert, and media liaison, AND found herself marooned alone in her Caribbean island home during the most cataclysmic Atlantic Basin storm ever recorded! Gain advice and insights to audiences about navigating and healing from "Post-Category 5 Syndrome."