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The Hottoycast

The Hottoycast

Category: Technology

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The High-end action figure podcast for high-end humans. Your hosts Eamon O'Donoghue, Michael Crawford, Jeff Parker and James Doble discuss all things Hot Toys, Enterbay, 3A Toys and Sideshow Collectables.

The Hottoycast Episodes

The Hottoycast Episode Fourteen

Published: 02/23/14

On this episode we discuss Hot Toy's Man of Steal Superman, The Crow Eric Draven, GI Joe Road Block and Sideshow Collectables' Darth Vader along with chat on Batmobile smashing.

The Hottoycast Episode Thirteen

Published: 12/22/13

On this special recording we review Hot Toys' Jor-El, Mime Joker, Quarter Scale Batman, Quarter Scale Endoskeleton, Big Chief's 4th Doctor - Doctor Who, AvP Scar Predator, Midas Iron Man,…

The Hottoycast Episode Twelve

Published: 11/29/13

This episode we review Hot Toys Quarter Scale Batman, Iron Man Mark VII, Sideshow DC Joker, ACI Priscus and OE Endless along with lister questions and general chin waggling.

The Hottoycast Episode Eleven

Published: 09/23/13

From Breaking Bad to Buffy. From Indiana Jones to Elvira, sculptor extraordinaire Trevor Grove joins Eamon, Jeff, Mike and James for a in-depth interview on everything from concept to finished…

The Hottoycast Episode Ten

Published: 09/01/13

This episode we discuss some SDCC2013, Hot Toys Batmobile, Catwoman, bit of Hulk, and Storm Shadow well as some well informed chat!

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