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The Nosleep Podcast

The Nosleep Podcast

Where fear itself dwells!

Category: Arts

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The Nosleep Podcast is a scripted anthology of original short horror stories, featuring rich atmospheric music and sound design to enhance the frightening tales.

Tags: horror, nosleep, reddit, scary, stories, fiction

The Nosleep Podcast Episodes

Nosleep Podcast - Special Announcement

Published: 02/14/13

This short message is regarding a change I made to The Nosleep Podcast’s feed. It explains what you need to do in order to update your system so you can…

Nosleep Podcast S2E19

Published: 01/27/13

It’s episode 19 of the second season of The Nosleep Podcast! The episode features five tales of lost young people, bizarre emails exchanges, and ghastly graveyard jobs. Highlighting horror stories…

Nosleep Podcast S2E18

Published: 01/12/13

Season 2 of The Nosleep Podcast is back in 2013 with Episode 18! The episode features three tales of mysterious cottages, chilling chess challenges, and the dark inconsistencies of life.…

Nosleep Podcast S2E17 - Christmas Episode

Published: 12/20/12

During the festive holiday season there are still dark tales to keep you awake while Santa prowls the rooftops. This special episode of The Nosleep Podcast features tales with a…

Nosleep Podcast S2E16

Published: 12/02/12

Episode 16 of season 2 features messages from beyond, mysterious strangers, and the darkness within ourselves. Highlighting horror stories from the horror writing community, these stories are designed to…

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