You're the Expert


Hosted and produced by Chris Duffy and presented by WBUR, this is You're the Expert, the show that brings academia out of the Ivory Tower and into your iPhone.

Each episode of our show features a guest expert. Some of the funniest comedians around try to figure out what our guest studies and to understand his/her findings. The only rule is that they’re not allowed to do any research ahead of time. You're the Expert is funny, it's surprising, and you might even end up learning something.


You're the Expert navigateright Episode


What exactly is a Bayesian? Comedians Robert Woo, Christine Cuddy, and Harry Gordon try their best to figure it out. Then host Chris Duffy talks with Harvard's Alex D'Amour about what it means to be a Bayesian and what's new and exciting in his field. Technical production by Kevin Brunswick.