Amazing activated carbon: have you used it?


Activated carbon: what is it?
Activated carbon is a black powder made by pyrolysis of organic materials of plant origin (e.g. coconut shell, bamboo, sugarcane, wood, olive core, etc.). After special treatment and enrichment of oxygen, its surface will increase, so it has excellent decarburization ability. Absorb and remove toxins. Therefore, internal and external use is recommended.

Activated carbon detoxification
Activated carbon is particularly effective in toxic situations because it can be absorbed immediately like chemicals and toxins in sponges. That's why it's used in hospitals in this case. where to buy activated carbon? You can find it in the form of pills or dietary supplements in the pharmacy. By staying in the gut, it absorbs toxins, pesticides, and dangerous bacteria, thereby freeing us from bad digestive diseases.

Swelling and indigestion
Its adsorption capacity enables charcoal to absorb the gas accumulated in the abdominal cavity, which is very suitable for abdominal distension, dyspepsia and other gastrointestinal diseases. In fact, in this case, it has a dual effect, because in addition to the gas, it also absorbs dangerous bacteria from the gas. Therefore, it can treat many digestive system diseases, such as abdominal pain, cramps, drum injury and so on.

Activated carbon cleans skin
In Asia, activated carbon has been used in beauty rituals for centuries. In western countries, it has become popular in recent years. It absorbs sebum, dust and dirt from the skin, is ideal for oils and acne, and helps to tighten pores. We can easily find black carbon mask, facial cleansing soap or activated carbon cream. In addition to facial care products, activated carbon is also present in many hair care products. It deeply cleans the scalp and removes sebum and grease. You will find it in shampoo, softener cream and dry shampoo.

From pots and bottles with activated carbon filters to exquisite black ice cream, activated carbon is now ubiquitous. If we often eat black food or take charcoal pills for detoxification or indigestion, we should be cautious, because activated carbon, together with toxins, will absorb beneficial substances such as vitamins or therapeutic substances from drugs we may accept. That's why it is recommended to separate it from the drug for at least two hours. Moreover, it is not used for a long time. In the granular activated carbon price, you will find a variety of products. RSS Feed URL

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