Rolex and Its Founder


Rolex’s history and its founder Hans Wilsdorf closely correlated to the name. Born in 1881 in a city in Bavaria, he was juvenile to get contained in international business. For the start of the business of cultured pearls, 19-year-old family La Chaux-de-Fonds, as a specialized contractor for export of watches and clocks agencies.

In 1905, he founded his own company called “Morley and David Wells Company” (Wilsdorf and Davis), is a company responsible for sales of watches, merely he also adult a self-made watches.

At 8:00 on July 2nd, 1908, Rolex officially enrolled trademark. The first Rolex technology for its superb quality and immediate attention. Rolex watches ( a small amendment in 1914 by the Kew Observatory of the A-level certificate, which is the United Kingdom has never been this renowned Hong Kong Observatory issued the highest rating. Its precision has been recognized that this is an international event, so watch in Europe and the United States suddenly value double. Since then, the quality of Rolex which represents an accurate.

After the First World War moved behind to Rolex in Geneva, below the momentum of its founder, Rolex continued innovation, creativity, and improve themselves. It has 2 research directions: waterproof and automatic.

In 1926, the first waterproof, dustproof form has finally brought an end to ..., this is the famous “Oyster” watch. The economic crisis kick in 1929 in Switzerland, but not 1 affected by Rolex. It was invented during this time one automatic-winding machinery, creating anger was the “Perpetual” watch.

This automatic watch has a pendulum Tuo, the watch has never been accustom before, it brought to the watch industry, a revolution, it is the pioneer of all the automatic watch. In 1945, Rolex has produced a watch with a date, and the 26 languages that can use the appointment and week of the watch.

Rolex Andre Heiniger flourishes in today’s world popular altar watch, which Andre J. Heiniger inseparable from the inspiration and enthusiasm. Heinig was nativity in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1921, Hans Wilsdorf the first time I saw him to the full trust in him and genuine respect.

They either adore and human adjoin, the pursuance of to the nines. In 1948 Wilsdorf Rolex invited apt to connect the go of Heinig. He worked because of 6 years in Buenos Aires, responsible for amplifying South American market. Returned apt Geneva in 1955, was promoted to the Rolex embark membership since 1964, replaced Wilsdorf for Rolex Company.

He faithfully inherits the founder of Rolex, and constantly amend the quality and scientific innovation, an array to send a fashionable breath of business: international. The first tread in this decision is to corporate headquarters pushed to the suburbs from the city center of a beauteous current building. Then, Heinig began his expedition, traveled to every edge of the world, beginning up new markets. He has incredible predictive power, resolved to set up bough in major cities aboard always continents, which at the period was a pioneering work.

Heinig in bureau has set up a Rolex Award for entrepreneurial spirit, this prize presented once every 3 years to award those in the application of science, invention, exploration, and research, scientific finding and environmental protection in those who have made emphatic contributions.

Rolex immediately along Patrick Heiniger as common manager, Patrick Heiniger in the Rolex “family” grew up, love the institution of the company, he served as the company’s lawyers years Rolex and accordingly was appointed a business manager, general director, and additional staff.

Rolex World Headquarters from 60 years to start maneuvering the expansion project, completed in 1995, which is extra than 80 years to establish, innovate and progress the character of an actuator with its accent on the entrepreneurial morale namely matches the VI.

The Rolex prevalent goal of all workers to work hard, Rolex is continuing to carry ahead its tradition, Geneva and around the world proceed to serve as representatives of high-quality watches. RSS Feed URL

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