Doctor Audio Adventures Season 1


A Time Lady's journeys with her BFF, some robots and a 20-somethingĀ Aussie bloke in her time machine the Questr - what could possibly go wrong? Modern full cast audio drama produced for community radio. It's G rated family friendly. These were the first four episodes introducing our young female timelord and her BFF, how they part ways and why she steals a timemachine. Later Terry Fowler an earthling becomes her companion. RSS Feed URL

Doctor Audio Adventures Season 1 navigateright Episode

The Doctor, Citizen of Gallifrey pt 4

written by Adam Brooks

The Doctor battles the virus inserted by the mysterious robot, dissapoints her grandfather and locks horns with her former BFF.worm in matrix


Tempting Secrets and Music for Manatees by Kevin Macleod, Dark Conspiracy (Izzy's theme) and Anticipation by David Fesliyan

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