Doctor Audio Adventures Season 1


A Time Lady's journeys with her BFF, some robots and a 20-something Aussie bloke in her time machine the Questr - what could possibly go wrong? Modern full cast audio drama produced for community radio. It's G rated family friendly. These were the first four episodes introducing our young female timelord and her BFF, how they part ways and why she steals a timemachine. Later Terry Fowler an earthling becomes her companion. RSS Feed URL

Doctor Audio Adventures Season 1 navigateright Episode

The Doctor and the Planet of Origin part 2

written by Amy De Witt

edited by Trevor Sneath and Carolyn Rutter


Dr – Rowena Dinsmore,Terry – Michael Rutter, Izzy/creatures – Brooke Malloy,


Intrigue by Jens Kiilstofte legacy tracks Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 0

Izzy’s theme is from Dark Conspiracy by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0

SFX Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3 unless otherwise stated

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Kronos Contemplates – Royce’s artwork on a background Nebula by Thorsten Pick from