Doctor Audio Adventures Season 1


A Time Lady's journeys with her BFF, some robots and a 20-something Aussie bloke in her time machine the Questr - what could possibly go wrong? Modern full cast audio drama produced for community radio. It's G rated family friendly. These were the first four episodes introducing our young female timelord and her BFF, how they part ways and why she steals a timemachine. Later Terry Fowler an earthling becomes her companion. RSS Feed URL

Doctor Audio Adventures Season 1 navigateright Episode

The Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix part 1

In which our lovely lady doctor gets wet on Brobree. Terry learns about physics then goes in search of new sunglasses and something yummy. Welcome to the electric universe! No historical characters were harmed in the making of this play

Our producer was at first rather horrified at the disparagement of Einstein’s work – after all time travel, big bangs and blackholes abound in the fictional world of the Doctor. Luckily we don’t have to budge the ultra massive bulk of academia to shift science fiction plots to the next level and leave some of our old tropes behind -that’s the fun of writing near future hard scifi. The science of electrically structured water that is used by the Brobreans to build their Dome is real enough, as is the Birkeland Current, Safire  and Wallace Thornhill ( with his permission of course! ) – although he hasn’t invented a flux ‘capacitator’ ….. yet……

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