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How to write good reviews?

How to write good reviews?

First of all, a good review needs to be: factual, descriptive, not biased, helpful and show both pros and cons of the covered topic to help the potential reader make up his mind and learn the whole picture about certain service or company.

It’s important to conduct a thorough research, as you will need to write the rewrite from the position of an expert. So it's good to know the field beforehand. Then, it's important to not take any sides. A reviewer shouldn't be biased. Let's take a look at example such as this TransferWise Review. TransferWise is a popular money transfer platform and the author not only covers topics such as fees, exchange rates and registration, but also he mentions both positive and negative sides of the company, he is neutral when it comes to the final assessment and investigates and dives deeply into any potential hidden costs and not disclosed details to help the potential customer avoid extra costs and make good decision.

When the potential customer knows both good and bad sides he is able to make a decision whether or not the particular service suits his needs.

What to mention in the review?

Undoubtedly all of the facts and important information that everyone should know before using, purchasing or getting into particular service.

Pros and cons of the service are also important. It’s best to support any statement by quoting for example some first-hand usage samples, other reviews, feedback and customers’ comments. That way the review is more justified. Moreover, the reader should know from where comes the particular positive or negative opinion. By providing transparent sources and quotes the review is perceived as more reliable and relevant.

It’s also important to always fact check in multiple sources in order not to repeat a faulty source or fake information. It’s best to get to the core of the topic and for example research the offers’ information directly in the companies’ advertisements and documentation such as whitepapers etc.

Compare Offers

It’s also good to compare different eg. in this case money transfer platforms together or other services depending on the topic of the review. That way the reader gets more information and can better choose between different options.

Do Your Research

Check multiple sources and don't limit yourself only to the most popular article/comment. Also be careful with sponsored or paid content, as it's not reliable source of opinion, because in most cases it's meant to be positive.

Apart from a good researching and googling skills, a broad knowledge in the covered field is essential, as one needs to write from a position of an expert or at least an experienced customer. It's good to have some point of comparison to better talk about topic and know which features are considered an advantage and which should simply be an industry's standard. Potential reader trust you in your assessment and judgement, therefore a proper knowledge about the particular market is always desirable and in some cases actually needed. That way you can better compare for example different services, as you know what to compare and put focus on.