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This is what you get when you combine 3 canadian guys, a microphone(s), and a general love for the nerdy. What started out under the name "pixel Perfect Podcast" has become what you see before you in all its gloriness. Brought to you by the minds of Matt Flowers, Mike Byrne, and Mark Langille; discussing the topics of interest with a comedic look.

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Title: Episode 21: "Greasy Soup"

Episode 3 "Isla Fisher hasn't aged well"

August 28th, 2016

Episode 3 of the newly re-branded and re-released 1337FM for your listening pleasure. Where the three hosts, Mike Byrne, Matt Flowers, and Mark Langille… Go to Episode

Episode 2 "Jaime Lannister and Leonidas"

August 27th, 2016

The second episode of 1337FM Podcast, re-branded and re-released into audio only form. Join Mike Byrne, Mark Langille, and Matt Flowers as we talk about… Go to Episode

Episode 1 : "Ad Medditing is a good name."

August 26th, 2016

The Premiere episode, re-branded and Re-released for your listening pleasure. Join Matt Flowers, Mike Byrne, and Mark Langille as they try to find the… Go to Episode