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Our show focuses on the gaming industry from the perspective of the older gamer. We look at news, reviews, and inside information in the world of video games. Each episode touches on the community, the industry, and the games that keep us coming back.


2old2type Radio navigateright Episode

2old2type Episode 1

This is the first Ep of our weekly PodCast show, 2old2type. This Ep covers many of the questions you guys had about E3 and features Ebola 2, Bliznot, and doodirock. A special thanks goes out to GFunk for his amazing intro to the show. To download, you must use a bit torrent client or built in browser client. Please read the FAQ for more information on how to download and share this PodCast. Since this is the first release, there may be some bugs. Next weeks Pod Cast will cover some indepth looks at the games we saw. Please head over to the forum to ask more questions!