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5 Deep with Jay Ross brings you 5 of the best new and incisive tracks in electronic music today, selected and mixed by DJay Ross. Traversing the genres of Deep House, Tech House, Vocal House, and Techno that you can enjoy on your schedule, without having to devote your entire life to the club scene! This podcast is more about showcasing individual tracks and their artists, and strives to incorporate the multiple genres that break the mold of today’s Electronic Dance Music, minus the usual mainstream and commercial noise that eats at our soul. Follow @DJayRossMan on Facebook for new music, events, and updates on the music we love. Now, let's go 5 Deep…


5 Deep with Jay Ross - Deep | Tech | Vocal | House | Techno navigateright Episode

Jay Ross Quarantine Sessions - Melodic House

Times are tough and most of us cannot go out and enjoy the music and scene that we are accustom to, so I would like to bring a little piece of your world back to you! My Quarantine Sessions will be new mixes from multiple genres of House music so that people from all corners of our scene can have a place to hear the music they love, but also explore some new genres and vibes that they may not be exposed to in their everyday lives.


All tracks will continue to be hand selected and live mixed by me, Jay Ross, so they will definitely retain my same love, care, and passion for deeper tracks as the 5 Deep mixes that built this feed over the last 4 years.


As usual, Love, Support, and  Music will get us through, and be good to yourselves and each other!


Jay Ross