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A weekly podcast series with tech entrepreneurs that aims to uncover the founder's DNA.


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Episode 49: Ro Gupta, Carmera

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -The autonomous vehicle stack, and why companies aren’t building everything in house -Why Carmera decided to build its headquarters in New York versus the Bay, and the benefits of doing so -The entrepreneurial genes that run in Ro’s family, and why his parents ended up leaving India to come to the States -When Ro started thinking about entrepreneurship as a viable career option, and how it relates to the immigrant mentality -The differences between operating at an early stage startup versus creating your own, and the unrelenting stress that comes with the latter (even when the -cause is good) -How the CEO of a startup should think about allocating his or her time, and why working smarter is a must Be sure to check out Ro’s picks for his favorite NYC startup, in addition to the operator he’d most want to interview.