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A weekly podcast series with tech entrepreneurs that aims to uncover the founder's DNA.


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Episode 51: Christina Sass, Andela

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -How Andela’s cofounders, Christina and Jeremy Johnson, came together over shared values and vision about the opportunity in Africa -What it was like pitching to early stage investors, and why it was critical that they accompanied them to Africa to see the magic firsthand -The company’s headquarters in Lagos and New York, and why both cities have benefitted Andela thus far -Christina’s father, who emigrated from Germany, and how her parents instilled in her a global mindset from a young age -Her experience as an educator, starting first as an idealist in Clark County, Georgia then to the West Bank and Southeast China, before finally heading to Nairobi and Kenya -Christina’s thoughts on the traditional education system, both in and outside of the U.S., and how Andela is fixing it for those who need it most Be sure to listen through the end, where Christina shares the African startups to watch, and the reason why she’d want to chat with Elon Musk.