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A weekly podcast series with tech entrepreneurs that aims to uncover the founder's DNA.


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*FINALE* Episode 52: Mickey Costa, Atlas

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -How Atlas operates on the ground, and how Mickey, who’s from New York, discovered this opportunity halfway across the globe -The challenges to building a company in West Africa, and why it was critical that the team lived there when they first were getting started -Mickey’s childhood growing up in Westchester, and why he originally aspired to become a marine biologist -His earlier forays into entrepreneurship, including a TV show entitled "The Candidate", and why Mickey ultimately decided to attend law school -The evolution of Mickey’s founder journey, starting from attending monthly NYC Tech Meetups to meeting with the investment team of Alibaba, and how grit played an integral role in the process -What’s been the most surprising part of entrepreneurship thus far, and why the benefits ultimately come down to the people you work with and create products for Check out the end of the (final!) episode, where Mickey shares the best piece of advice he’s ever received, in addition to the startup he loves and the founder he’d most want to interview.