7 New Things in 7 Minutes Educational Podcast for Kids


In each episode, host Christopher and family try to answer 7 common kid questions in 7 minutes.

Parents are probably familiar with being asked 100+ questions a day by their children. Let us help answer some of them.

We’ll tackle the common and uncommon questions kids often ask, quickly and with some laughs. 7 New Things in 7 Minutes is an educational podcast for kids and the whole family. Visit podcasts for kids for more episodes.


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Crazy Questions Vol. 1

In today's episode of 7 in 7 Nathaniel takes his second turn as host! We also go over his list of Crazy Question! So hit play and listen to "Crazy Questions Vol. 1."

Questions in Episode:

  • When was wind discovered?

  • What is the smallest cat?

  • Why is the sky blue?

  • How are clouds made?

  • Can you make a frisbee from a pizza?

  • Can you make a bomb out of a Jalapeno?

  • What was the first tree discovered?

  • Can someone hit a bump on a wagon and fly up higher than eagles?

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Message to our Audience:

As always Thank You for joining us. We appreciate you sharing your time with us. Hopefully, you learned something new and had some fun.

  • Have a joke or question you want featured on a future episode? Send it to us using the Anchor App or via our contact page. If you send a voice recording we'll be happy to play it.

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