7 New Things in 7 Minutes Educational Podcast for Kids


In each episode, host Christopher and family try to answer 7 common kid questions in 7 minutes.

Parents are probably familiar with being asked 100+ questions a day by their children. Let us help answer some of them.

We’ll tackle the common and uncommon questions kids often ask, quickly and with some laughs. 7 New Things in 7 Minutes is an educational podcast for kids and the whole family. Visit podcasts for kids for more episodes.


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The Jokes For Kids Episode

In today's episode of 7 in 7 we take turns telling jokes! So hit play and listen to "The Jokes For Kids Episode" where we share some hilarious clean puns and kid-friendly jokes.

That’s it. Thank you for joining us on our Jokes For Kids episode. Hopefully, you learned something new and had some fun. Have a question you want us to answer? Visit our website to send us your questions, and we might answer it in an upcoming episode or explore more educational podcast for kids on our episode page.


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