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Title: Welcome to MobileDitty!

machines pt. 2

February 17th, 2006

machines pt. 2 (4:12 10.4mb/MPG4 movie) In machines pt. 2, Victor Feakins participates in a strange test before being offered a job he can’t refuse.For… Go to Episode

Safety Folder Pt. 1

February 11th, 2006

Safety Folder pt. 1 (7:05 53.3mb/QuickTime movie) This is a documentary short about the latest creation from Seattle inventor Barney Rambach, The Safety… Go to Episode

machines pt. 1

February 3rd, 2006

machines pt. 1 (4:40 25.2mb/QuickTime movie) A man from a strangely deserted city arrives at an empty office building for a job interview. For more information,… Go to Episode

?1950: The Day of Doom is Coming Episode 12

January 30th, 2006

?1950: The Day of Doom is Coming Episode 12 (2:07 12.6mb/QuickTime movie) This was originally an experimental editing project for the StockStock Film… Go to Episode