AADA - Raw, direct and live chats about design and creativity


Currently on Season 3.

Season 3 - Episode 157 - Present
Season 3 is all about Craig talking into a mic about topics loosely connected to design. They're raw, direct, and live episodes where Craig just says what's on his mind, with no editing and nothing cut out. This is all about design and creativity, straight from the mouth of the creative director of a design agency.

Season 2 - Episode 80 - 156
AADA is a musical journey through design and creativity. It's a trippy, midnight-style podcast where Craig talks about design, creativity, and all the bits in between, hidden underneath, and around design. Think Blue Jam crossed with Radio Lab, or 99% Invisible crossed with Terence McKenna. It's what would happen if Morcheeba did a TED talk. It's released daily, at 00:15.

Season 1 - Episode 1-79
Ask a Designer Anything was useful tips and hints about design, marketing and business, everyday.


AADA - Raw, direct and live chats about design and creativity navigateright Episode

001 - What have you learned from starting a podcast?

In my first ever episode I've recorded, I talk about what I've learned so far from starting a podcast (hint: it's a lot).


Since this episode I've changed my equipment a little bit. I now use a dynamic microphone (I chose the RODE Procaster) and pipe everything through a mixer (I chose the Behringer X1204). I still wholeheartedly recommend the equipment below, and I still use my AT2020 mics for multi-person podcasts.

Show Notes


  • 2:00 - Why have I started a podcast?

  • 2:58 - Starting is the hardest part

  • 4:43 - A unique idea for your podcast

  • 6:18 - Respect your audience

  • 8:07 - To script or not to script

  • 10:04 - My podcasting equipment

  • 11:23 - Podcasting hosting

  • 12:55 - Marketing your podcast

  • 15:26 - It's scary

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