Accelerating Entrepreneurial Success (Audio) with John Bowen


Accelerating Entrepreneurial Success


Accelerating Entrepreneurial Success (Audio) with John Bowen navigateright Episode

Ben Hardy Unveils an Introspective Assessment on What Drives Today’s Successful Entrepreneur – Episode 218

In light of what is happening in the world today, Ben Hardy believes being ritualistic is more important than ever. Ben describes how who you are is a product of what you do. The choices you make on a daily basis shape the type of person you are. Change yourself from the inside out to become a highly influential individual who others will follow. In this podcast, discover Ben's introspective assessment on what drives successful entrepreneurs today. Step into the unpredictable, take smart risks and catapult into the state of "tolerating the unknown"—the place where innovations meet opportunity and the keys to success will unlock doors you never thought possible. Quote of the Day “Your input shapes your outlook and your outlook shapes your output.” - Zig Ziglar “Its better to be prolific than perfect.” - Joe Polish “If you do not create and control your environment then your environment controls you.” - Marshall Goldsmith Book of the Day Will Power Doesn't Work: Discover the hidden keys to success – Ben Hardy's book Resources Benjamin Hardy – Home Page Mentions Joe Polish - also at AES Nation Dan Sullivan - also at AES Nation Dean Jackson - also at AES Nation Jason Korman - also at AES Nation Michael Hyatt - Your Leadership Mentor Tony Robbins - Transform Your Life Seth Godin - Because your work matters. John’s 3 Key Take-aways Your Environment: Tweak it as necessary. Your environment is subconsciously influencing you all the time. Turn the tables on your surroundings. Self Signaling: The choices you make "shape-signal" the type of person you are. Decision Making: Confidence and motivation are the effects of success—not the cause. Successful entrepreneurs are confident because they made the right decisions. Prefer Audio? Read the Transcript You can download a complete transcript of this entire episode by clicking here.