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Accidental Survivors Episode 2.5 - Combat Operations

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
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1. News & Views
North Korea has a nuke! An article from the Korean Times.
The Pritzker Military Library podcasts.
Coming on DVD: the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon
Neverwinter Nights 2 should be out soon.
The TV series "Heroes."

2. Feature - Combat Operations
Military Operations Other Than War defined in Wikipedia.
An example of a Provincial Recontruction Team working in Afghanistan.
Resources from Fear the Boot including the group template and questionnaire.

3. Inspiration Time
Black Hawk Down, the movie and especially the book.
the Unit, the official website.
Ultimate Force at Wikipedia.
Battlefield 2 at Wikipedia
Metal Gear at Wikipedia

4. Feedback:
Troy's site is at Enjoy!

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5. Resources
No SEP news this episode--everything's different this time around, so instead, how about a list of resources for your military game? Yeah, lots of SEP stuff in there. Still, check out the reviews--it's good stuff!

RPGNow: d20 Modern/Military: If you're looking for d20 military stuff, this is where it's at--for download!

Covert Forces: A resource for any spec ops campaign. Filled with flavour but very little crunch.

Canada's CSRS: This short PDF tells all about a fictional, Canadian spec ops unit. Easily adaptable to any military or paramilitary force.

B&G2: In Her Majesty's Service: A supplment for RPG Object's Blood & Guts 2: Modern Military all about the spec ops and elite forces from the United Kingdom.

B&G2: Military Training Manual: The core book for any d20 military campaign. Full of classes, feats, and skill applications to give your campaign the proper feel and your players the proper tools.

B&G2: Special Operations Command: The B&G2 spec ops supplement for the United States. Packed with templates for a wide variety of SOC units, from Airforce Combat Controllers to Delta Force.

Teams SAS: A ready-made SAS Patrol along with notes on equipment.

The Counter Terrorism Assaulter: A prestige class from SEP's acclaimed Roles & Classes line. This one's a high-speed, low-drag door kicker, ready to clear the room and save the day.

The Special Operations Marksman: A prestige class from SEP's acclaimed Roles & Classes line. Not just a deadshot, but part ghost and part predator, invisibly stalking prey on the battlefield.

Spec Ops Recce: A prestige class from SEP's acclaimed Roles & Classes line. When your survival is at stake, whether in the jungle or the desert, this master of recon will keep you safe and get you where you need to go.

And for adventures:
The Albenistan Series: A collection of 3 adventures, which can be purchased separately, that combine in a single story arc. First you find out about a threat, then you find out things are worse than you thought, then you pretty much have to save the world . . . or at least one little part of it. Spec ops at its most exhilarating! Would I lie to you?