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On Achieving ALPHA, Nate Elmore interviews exceptional individuals who have valuable knowledge or skills that allow them to master one particular area of life. By learning from these ALPHAs, we can expand our knowledge, maximize our potential, and become the best version of ourselves, and Achieve ALPHA. Jimmy Moore, Mike Mahler, Jay Cutler, and Steve Maxwell are just a few of the interviews to date. If you're looking to evolve as a human being, this show was made for you!


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Frank Alvarez - Achieving ALPHA #8

Frank Alvarez graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Bacteriology.  Shortly after his graduation he joined the Wisconsin Air National Guard (Air Force) where he flew KC 135s for 25 years. He has raced as a professional duathlete, triathlete, and adventure racer competing in five world championships. He is a Cory Holly Institute Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, a Colgan Power lifting coach, a CHEK Holistic Life Coach, and is enrolled in a Masters of Holistic Nutrition course, which will lead into a PhD program.  His passion in health and wellness and his military career fostered his Frankly Nutritious integrative program that partners with the individual to design a path to their optimum health vision.  Frank will meet you, wherever you are, in your health journey to help you progress and move forward.  

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