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Advanced Discipleship Training specializes in providing Christian leadership training with audio and Videos so that each church leader knows how to grow in his relationship with God through God's Word, the Bible, strengthens his skills to better serve and have his heart shaped more like Christ's.


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#5 Stepping into God's Peace - Kupeza Mtendere wa Mulungu (English translated into Chichewa - Malawi)

Philippians 4:2-9 (English translated into Chichewa) Let's note the seven steps to find this peace, presented in two phases: In phase 1, “Stepping into God’s Peace,” Paul uses five necessary qualities to have the peace of God actually begin to guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.; In phase 2, “Abiding in the God of Peace,” specific guidelines are provided enabling us to see how to live in God’s peace by our closeness with Him.